Generate your checkout link on demand

Just call our API or build the link yourself and we'll take care of the payment flow for you.

// Fetch your moneeda link
  const url = await"", {
    apiKey: "SECRET_API_KEY",
    provider: "STRIPE",
    itemName: "T-shirt",
    itemAmount: 1000, // 10.00
    itemCurrency: "EUR",
    itemImage: "",
  console.log(url) //
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Generate a demo payment link

Generate a custom demo payment link in a few seconds.

  1. Select an amount
  2. Pick any of the demo currencies although all of them are supported
  3. Pick a provider
  4. Your generated link will appear below!

Payment link generator


How it works

moneeda flow
  • Connect a provider from our list of supported options (Stripe, Square, Mollie, etc...) via oauth and revoke it at any point.
  • Easily start generating payment links that can be used to pay for a product or service.
  • Moneeda processes the payments on your behalf and the money goes directly to your payment provider account .


Moneeda is built by and for small startups. Feel free to pick the plan that suits the best for you or upgrade at any time.

You can generate a link by calling the API or just use the no-code solution. With the former, page displays will increase the count.