Generate your checkout link on demand

Just call our API or build the link yourself and we'll take care of the payment flow for you.

// Fetch your moneeda link
  const url = await"", {
    apiKey: "SECRET_API_KEY",
    provider: "STRIPE",
    itemName: "T-shirt",
    itemAmount: 1000, // 10.00
    itemCurrency: "EUR",
    itemImage: "",
  console.log(url) //
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Generate a demo payment link

Generate a custom demo payment link in a few seconds.

  1. Select an amount
  2. Pick any of the demo currencies although all of them are supported
  3. Pick a provider
  4. Your generated link will appear below!

Payment link generator


Pricing BETA

Moneeda is still in beta, so enjoy it for free without any limitations.

After the beta period, there will be certain limitations, but always a completely free starter plan.